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Blood Circulation : Tung Shueh Pills : L07

This is to heal the diseases of Liver and Viscera, preventing the Blood-vessel to be solidified, to help the circulation of blood which get through and soothe heat and clean blood route to prevent Hypertension and remove congestion from Brain. It is very effective for eliminating poison in whole body and waste and drive out amassed blood and promote the function to push and transport blood which will make the body more comfortable.

Angiosclerosis is attributed to overfatigue and overworking, insomnia or influence of food which cause blood overstrong or poison black, to become arteriosclerosis and vascular spasm, the unbalance of blood circulation to cause rise of blood pressure, when you have such diseases you feel always headache, dizzy, neckache, ear deaf and can't sleep, palsy, notalgia, lumbago, muscleache, boneache, skin and flesh of whole body always feel bounce and ache, etc. If you have such diseases you'd better use this and the blood will be balanced and circulated well, which will not invite the danger of life.

Heal Liver and kidney, Lumbago, Notalgia feet and knee cramp, Spasm, Muscle ache, Bone ache, Hand Knee palsy, Muscle and Bone without strength, Rheumatism, Circulation of Blood, strengthen muscle and bones

Adults use 4 pills each time.

80 pills

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